Do you have a sump pump that runs too often or continuously no matter the conditions outside? This is a red flag that something is wrong with it and needs to be inspected by a professional. Ignoring or delaying repairs can cause it to burn out, leaving you unprotected when you need it most. Some of the most common reasons you may have an overworking sump pump are:

Incorrect Size of Pump or Pit
If the pump itself is not big enough or if the sump pit is too small, it may fill up too fast and make it work overtime.

Your Check Valve May Be Broken or Missing Completely
If you have a missing or broken check valve, it can cause up to ⅔ of the water removed to flow right back into the sump pit and will overwork your pump.

Issue With Float Switch
If you have a lower quality sump pump model, there is a chance the float switch can get clogged or tangled. We have also seen the switch become disabled simply from the vibration of the pump running. A sump pump is a very important tool to keep your basement dry and safe, we recommend choosing a reliable and proven pump, not just one that has the best price tag.

Too Much Water
If your home has a high water table or even a natural spring under it, you may find that your sump pump is running continuously because there is a constant flow of water and it has to keep working. By raising the pump a bit or adding additional pumps in other places in your basement, you can help to alleviate this issue. We recommend having an inspection done to evaluate the area and determine the best placement for them pumps.

If your Baltimore, MD sump pump is not working effectively or is working non-stop in normal conditions, give us a call today at (410) 265-8833 OR (301) 384-4880 for a no obligation evaluation.

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