Many plumbing issues may seem like small problems you can ignore, but they can actually cause more damage than you might think! Take care of these small issues before its too late.

Leaky Faucet
Does your bathroom or kitchen faucet leak after you’ve turned it off? You might think that small trickle of leaking water is really no big deal, but it actually adds up faster than you might expect, to a loss of as much as 3,000 gallons a year. Not only can this increase your water bill, but it also wastes this precious resource!

You can repair it, or replace it with a new eco-friendly low-flow model.

Leaky Toilet Base

Toilet base leaks can also be majorly damaging. A damp floor can easily turn into a very pricy proposition; left unchecked, the moisture will rot your flooring and even make its way down to damage your subfloor eventually. Repairing the leak could be as simple as tightening the bolts that hold the base of the toilet in place.

High Water Pressure
Does your shower come down extremely hard? This is due to overly high water pressure, which wastes precious water, and also is extremely hard on your plumbing system, causing it to wear out too quickly.

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