As a homeowner there will be, on more than one occasion, a plumbing issue in your Baltimore, MD home. It happens to all of us and usually comes very unexpectedly. We have gathered 5 common plumbing issues here. Do you have any of these?

#1: Dripping faucets

Drip! Drip! Drip! That is not only the sound of your leaky bathroom or kitchen faucet, it is also the sound of your money dripping away down the drain. Not only do you get driven crazy by the sound, you are spending more than you need to. How much? Depending on the severity of the leak, anywhere from $20 to several hundred dollars a year!

#2: Pipe Leaks

Have you noticed wet spots in your yard, your walls, maybe even your ceiling? There is more than likely a leak in one or more of the joints in your pipes. This is not something you want to wait on. Water damage to your home is not only costly, it can be very dangerous to your health.

#3. Running Toilets

A toilet that runs can flush over 200 gallons of water down the drain every day! Most causes of this common issue can easily be repaired. From a slow trickle into the bowl, to a leaking seal, we are just a phone call away to help!

#4. Leaking Hose Bibb

This common issue appears most often on bibbs that were not properly covered and protected over the cold winter months. Investing in a bibb cover will help prevent your pipes from freezing and avoiding leaks.

#5. Slow Draining Or Clogged Drains

We have all had to deal with a slow draining or clogged drain. Most homeowners reach for their handy household drain cleaning product under the counter. These can actually cause more damage to the pipes. It is best to call a qualified plumber to detect the issue and clear the drain correctly.

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