Over time, a sink or a garbage disposal can become clogged. Our plumbing professionals unclog drains so that your sinks can flow freely. Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that our skilled plumbers will exceptionally provide you with top quality plumbing services to address your home issues especially with your sink. Millennium Plumbing & Heating LLC is here to ease your worries and we understand how annoying an dysfunctional sink may be.

We fully understand the significance of having a first-rate hot water heater in your home or business. Millennium Plumbing & Heating LLC specializes in residential and commercial water heater repairs, water heater replacements, and same-day water heater installations, servicing a wide variety of gas water heaters, indirect hot water systems, electric water heaters and tankless water heaters on all makes and models.

Contact Millennium Plumbing at (410) 265-8833 or (301) 384-4880 for more information.

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