We all need to work together to reduce our water usage in order to protect the planet. It only takes a few small changes to our daily habits to save significant amounts of water every year.

1. Use a timer for showers
By limiting everyone to 10 minutes or less, you can save water while keeping everyone on time in the mornings or at bedtime.

2. Reuse your towels
Instead of throwing your used towel in the hamper everyday, hang it up to dry and reuse it!

3. Be mindful of your laundry
Are your clothes really dirty? Unnecessary washing not only uses up extra water, but also precious energy and time! Only do laundry on items that really need to be washed, and always wash with cold water.

4. Install water-saving taps and appliances
A low-flow showerhead, a new faucet that doesn’t leak, or a more efficient washing machine or dishwasher can all help lower your impact. Small leaks or old faucets can cause huge amounts of accidental water waste.

5. Use sprinklers sparingly
Run sprinklers at night so the water makes a maximum impact. You should also make sure your sprinklers are all pointing in the right direction and in working order. A leaky or broken sprinkler can waste dozens of gallons of water weekly.

6. Use water consciously
Turn the water off while you brush your teeth or washing dishes. Every time you turn on the faucet, do so with attention, so you don’t accidentally leave it on longer than you should.

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