Somehow, there are lots of myths about toilets are going around, and we’re here to set it straight.
Myth 1 – Toilet water drains clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere
Fact – Contrary to popular belief, the water does not drain in the opposite direction. The Coriolis force (caused by the Earth’s rotation) has a very small impact on the water in your toilet bowl. Instead, the direction of the water is more influenced by the jets in the toilet.

Myth 2- I can throw any trash in the toilet
Fact- The toilet should never be used as a trashcan. Only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Even small things like hair or cotton swabs can cause huge clogs in the sewage system later down the line.

Myth 3 – Cat litter is flushable
Fact – Don’t do it! Cat feces contain toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that is harmful to humans. Modern wastewater treatment is effective at removing the parasite, though it can pose a greater problem in countries without these modern systems.

Myth 4 – Flushing your goldfish is OK
Fact – When your goldfish is dead, its ok to flush it down the toilet. But if its still alive, it can make its way through the sewer system, rapidly grow and reproduce at alarming rates. Yikes.

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