Back to school is the perfect time to set new routines. Water conservation is surely far from your mind, but with a few adjustments, you could save money and this precious resource! Use these as an opportunity to have a larger conversation on why we should save water When you teach your children how to conserve water at a young age, they’ll develop good habits to last a lifetime. This fall, add saving water to your daily schedule with these tips.

1. Use a timer for showers By limiting everyone to 10 minutes or less, you can save water while keeping everyone on time in the mornings or at bedtime.
2. Reuse your towels
Instead of throwing your used towel in the hamper everyday, hang it up to dry and reuse it!
3. Be mindful of your laundry
Are your clothes really dirty? Unnecessary washing not only uses up extra water, but also precious energy and time! Only do laundry on items that really need to be washed, and always wash with cold water.
4. Install water-saving taps and appliances
A low-flow showerhead, a new faucet that doesn’t leak, or a more efficient washing machine or dishwasher can all help lower your impact. Give Millennium Plumbing a call to install these money and water saving items!

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