During the busy holiday season, the last thing you want is a running toilet. Here is how to fix it.
Two common solutions are closing the flapper and adjusting the float.

Closing the flapper: Take the top off the back of your toilet tank. See the little arm with the chain? The chain is attached to the flapper. If the flapper is stuck open, your toilet is going to run…and run…and run. Check and see if the chain is kinked or hung up. Wikihow recommends threading the chain through a plastic straw if this is the problem.

The flapper may also be slightly misaligned – a simple adjustment may allow the flapper to land on the opening cleanly, creating the necessary seal.

Adjusting the float: The float is the balloon-looking plastic piece that floats on the water in your toilet tank. If the float is the problem, troubleshoot these possible solutions:

Make sure the float is set to the right level. If it’s floating too high, it will allow water to seep through the flapper.
Make sure the float isn’t rubbing against anything. If the flapper is touching other pieces of the flushing mechanism, it may not be able to work properly. Check the fill tube, too – if the fill tube is filling the toilet over the float, the water pressure may be preventing the float from, well, floating.
Make sure the float is still in working condition. A waterlogged float or a float assembly covered in limescale are signs that you need replacements. You can buy replacement parts at a hardware store or call a plumber for a quick fix.

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