Do you know what do in case of emergency? Make sure you and your family have a plan, and that you know how to prepare your home should the unthinkable happen. Follow these tips to be prepared:

1. Know where the water shut off valve is
In case of emergency, shutting off the water valve will reduce the risk of flooding. If you need to evacuate your home, shut off the water just in case.

2.Shut off electrical power
If the breaker box is safe to access during an emergency, turn it off. This can also help reduce the chance of further damage to your home. It can help eliminate fires, plus it won’t electrify any flooded water if that is a concern.

3. Install a whole-house backwater valve in the main line.
This will make solving big plumbing emergencies much easier. It allows you to plug up different drains if the sewage is backed up. Give us a call for quotes on this service. You’ll be glad you have it should an emergency occur.

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