If you face a plumbing emergency, will you know what to do? Don’t panic! Call a plumber first, and then see what you can do to keep the problem at bay until they arrive.

If a pipe bursts: Turn off the water meter in the house, or the supply to the affected room. Turn all the taps on in the house to drain the system – don’t forget to flush all the toilets. Turn off the heating systems, then drain all the hot water as well. This will prevent water from pooling up in the wrong places.

When the toilet is blocked: If the water keeps rising despite flushing, use a coat hanger. Bend it into a curved shape and try to remove the blockage inside the toilet bowl. You can also cover the head of a mop with a plastic bag and forcefully put it inside the toilet bowl. A chemical drain cleaner can also help.

If the kitchen sink back up: If your disposal is clogged and full, and the sink will not drain, there is a solution. Make sure you turn off the disposal before trying to unclog or clean it. Use a long spoon handle or tongs to clean out the debris. Never put your hands in the disposal! After cleaning it, turn on hot water, turn on the disposal, and turn on cold water to check if it has been cleared

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