No Hot Water? It Might Not Be The Water Heater!

After a long day at work, an exhausting commute, or a full day with the kids, nothing brings a sense of relaxation more than a hot shower. The worst feeling is turning on the shower only to find nothing but cold water!

More often than not, your water heater is the culprit. As the water heater tank ages, a number of different mechanisms on it can begin to deteriorate. Regardless if it is electric or gas, overtime, it will fail. The typical parts that cease to function, affecting your ability to enjoy a hot shower, include:

  1. Certain elements that have burnt out
  2. Compromised dip tube
  3. A faulty temperature valve

It is not recommended for anyone but a professional plumber to inspect these elements of a hot water heater since they are trained in locating issues and avoiding potential injury to you and your heater.

However, sometimes it is not the water heater. The most common non-water heater causes for no longer having access to hot water are if the anti-scald device is set too high which is used to prevent burns by regulating the temperature of the water. This device is located behind the faucet in the shower within the wall. It can malfunction as it ages or if it is aligned incorrectly. When these issues occur, it will prevent the water from getting to a temperature that is desirable. If this is suspected to be the cause, a professional plumber will need to replace this device. Unfortunately, this means gaining access behind the faucet. This is not a repair recommended for a do-it-yourselfer. 

Another component that can affect your ability to enjoy a hot shower is if your shower valve is broken. This is another component that is unfortunately located behind the shower. The purpose of the shower valve is to mix both cold and hot water to create the perfect temperature for your “Calgon moment”. When this valve fails, the mix becomes uneven and you can not properly control the temperature anymore. Since the location of the valve is not easy to locate or replace, this is also a repair that should be completed only by a professional plumber. 

If you are noticing that your hot water is not flowing as it should, give your Baltimore MD plumber a call today at (410) 265-8833. We will get you back to relaxing in no time. 

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