Does Your Kitchen Sink Drain Need Cleaning?

Your plumbing is an integral part of your home’s systems. Your bathroom plumbing is often the most used in the entire home, often accounting for as much as 40% of your water usage, but the kitchen is actually the one that takes the most beating. Things like food scraps, fats, oils, grease (often referred to as FOG) can really do a number on your kitchen sink drain. Having a professional plumber perform a drain cleaning will ensure your kitchen sink continues to perform at its optimum level. 

Chemical drain cleaning is NOT the same as professional drain cleaning, here’s why. A professional plumber would never use or recommend the chemical drain cleaners because they can cause more harm than good. The toxic chemicals used in liquid drain cleaners can corrode your plumbing, eventually leading to costly repairs or replacement of your pipes.  

Drain snakes are a great way to clear an obstruction, remove hair from a bathroom drain, and quickly get things flowing properly, but they do not actually clean the drain. The debris that is in the drain and caused the clog before will remain and begin the process again. To completely clear a drain, it must be cleaned by a plumber. 

The best way to remove the build-up, especially in your kitchen sink is not liquid drain cleaner, manual or electric drain snakes, but a process called hydro-jetting. Conducted by a professional plumber, the device will blast water at high-pressure from a nozzle down into the drainpipe which will scour the complete interior of the pipes and will remove any buildup within the pipe. Hydro-jetting leaves your kitchen sink drain like-new. To keep your drains cleaner longer, avoid placing fats, oils, and grease down the drain and throw table scraps and expired food in the trash, not down the sink. 

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