Holiday Checklist: What NOT To Put Down Your Drain

With the holidays almost upon us, we have created a quick list of items that should NOT make their way down your kitchen drain, in order to keep your holidays merry and bright. To avoid backed up sinks and costly emergency plumbing calls, here are some of the more common items we find to clog drains and should be avoided at all costs.

Eggshells are never a good idea to put down your garbage disposal. They may not cause a clog right away, however they will, over time, blunt the blades of your disposal. It is best to throw them away in your trash or, grind them up in a blender and add them to your houseplants for added nutrients. 

Fat, grease, and oil (aka FOG) are the usual causes of clogged drains. Though they are a liquid when hot, once they cool down they will solidify, creating sludge in your drain. Consider reusing old tin cans or another disposable container as a place to pour all of your used “FOG” and dispose of it in the trash once it has cooled and hardened. Protecting your drains from these common culprits will save you money and headache. 

Coffee grounds do not dissolve in water and therefore can get caught in the build-up in your drains. This combination will surely lead to clogged drains. These should also be disposed of in the trash or, along with ground eggshells and other scraps, can be added to compost for your garden’s soil.

Other items to avoid: 

  • Stickers from fruits and veggies
  • Large fruit seeds or pits 
  • Liquid drain cleaner
  • Rice and pasta

If you still find yourself with a clogged drain or other plumbing issues, don’t try and solve it on your own, give your trusted Baltimore, MD plumber a call at (410) 265-8833. We will respond quickly to your issues and having things flowing right again in no time.

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